Pleased to meet you. I'm Beth!

Headshot of Beth McCormick

I see design as a spark.

It’s the idea that gets the creativity going. It’s the life that is brought from sketches to concepts. It’s the “ah-ha” moment when someone understands your work intuitively.

I enjoying taking complex ideas and concepts and bringing them to a simplistic and understandable nature. Design is a great tool for doing just that action. 

I have over ten years worth of experience and have gained great insight from my clients, mentors, and jobs. I have the knowledge of the design industry from a business perspective and from a user perspective. Throughout my career, I have been able to evolve my expertise from graphic design, to web design, to user experience design, and now to product design.

Fun Fact:

My real name is Elizabeth. Beth is a nickname, and Beffie is a nickname of my nickname that just stuck to my personality.

My life outside of the design world is fun.

I live in Washington D.C. close to my friends and family. I enjoy the foodie scene of the city and frequent a lot of restaurants and dining events. I frequent going to the national museums and wandering around the monuments as they become by source of inspiration. 

I love to travel and explore new places. So far, I have been to Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Czechia, Italy, Croatia, and the Dominican Republic. 

I've recently developed a new love of baking, and I aspire all of my bakes to be Great British Bake Off worthy. I have developed a love for fitness which started upon joining OrangeTheory. My biggest goal to date is being a dog owner one day. 

My sketch notes from An Event Apart, 2019.

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